Have you found yourself…

  • Having had several unsuccessfully attempts at sobriety from substances or gambling.
  • Struggling to create the new life you want in recovery.
  • Finding you lack the skills in recovery to manage relationships well.
  • Finding it difficult to forgive yourself for your addiction.
  • Struggling with honesty.
  • Noticing that guilt and shame still have a stronghold on you.
  • Trading one addiction for another.
  • Finding it difficult to regulate your mood.
  • Noticing a family member is having a hard time with your commitment to recovery.

Benefits gained with Addictions coaching or counseling: 

  • Move from victimhood to empowerment.
  • Develop self-confidence.
  • Learn effective ways to communicate with others.
  • Understand and develop healthy boundaries.
  • Identify your unique triggers and blind spots.
  • Halt your addictive patterns before you relapse.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Manage your moods.
  • Regain the trust of others.
  • Develop self-compassion.