What Clients Are Saying

“I have been a patient of Renée Siegel for approximately the last three years(?).  During this time, she has been instrumental in facilitating the necessary life and thinking changes required to not transition from a life of active addiction, to one of recovery.  Every step of the way, from actually accepting the need for help, to locating a treatment facility, to getting involved in the fellowship even before I was ready for recovery, to the continued efforts to stay clean over the last 2.5 years have all been assisted (and at times directly led) by Renée.  Now that staying clean off of drugs is no longer the most pressing part of my existence, Renée and I have begun looking into deeper aspects of my existence, from my enneagram type to spirituality to my relationships with money and women to how to live within the craziness that has been 2020 to setting and achieving my goals.  I highly recommend Renée and am incredibly grateful for her.”
–Matthew M.

“My exposure to the Enneagram was very limited until I met Renée Siegel a few years ago. She invited me to an Enneagram workshop, and I was hooked from day one. My journey since has been beautifully enhanced by Renée’s understanding and willingness to share the wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated in her Enneagram certification process as an Enneagram trainer. I have been privileged to participate in several of her wellness workshops and interacted with many of her loyal clients. As a result, I have greatly enhanced my personal and my professional life. Renée is a gifted therapist, teacher, and willing participant in helping all who cross her path seeking to better themselves. This has been evident as I observe her compassionate focus on bringing wellness to a world that is in dire need of her expertise.”
–Mona Goshen

“I contacted Renée because I hit a wall in recovery, and everything seemed to be falling apart. I knew I did not want to go back to my addiction again, it never worked. She helped me to manage my day to day stress and find special ways that worked with my Enneagram type that I could stick to in recovery.”

“Renée Siegel used so many techniques to help me. She is truly a holistic practitioner.”

“Renée worked with me and my husband to find more effective ways to communicate with one another. We found out that we were speaking different languages and taking so many things personally. We identified that our Enneagram patterns and our love languages are really different too. I may need a tune up and so might my husband. If we do, we will contact Renée again.”

“Renée is an excellent teacher. Not only does she know this material inside and out, she has a very ‘easy to understand’ way of unraveling the nine Enneagram types or personalities so that even a novice can grasp the differences. As a professional certified coach and licensed addiction counselor, I find the Enneagram to be a powerful way for clients to feel ‘not so alone’ in their journey towards wholeness. More than once someone has said to me, “Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who felt like that.” I especially like the way Renée breaks out how, I as a certain Enneagram type, can work more effectively with my clients. This is really important, and much needed instruction, on using the Enneagram personally and professionally! Great stuff Renée!”
–Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, SAP, SUDP, ERYT

“My husband and I were both using substances, maybe not alcoholically yet, but we were going to go there soon. With Renée’s help, we agreed to stop drinking for the six months we worked with her and decided drinking was not worth giving up on our marriage and each other.”

“I’ve been unable to use antidepressants because they either make me sick or don’t work. I contacted Ms. Siegel to find ways to deal with my problems without meds. We looked at healing my gut and with my naturopath and Ms. Siegel, I feel better than ever!”

“She is very gifted at what she does. She has a way of understanding that truly makes you feel seen and heard. Her meditation, and interpretation skills have helped fundamentally change the way I see situations, and how I communicate with others. She’s the best!!”
Anonymous Client

“If you are wanting a deeper connection with your life, I would recommend Renée Siegel as a facilitator of this process. With her many years working, listening, speaking, and writing in the field of addiction and recovery, she has honed her skills as a compassionate therapist. She has many different modalities of treatment, from hypnotherapy, regression to aromatherapy and body work. Each person is so unique, and Renée understands this. With her wisdom and expertise, you will get to the root, you will heal. And you will experience awakening to your true self… I know you will”
–A grateful client

“I came to Renée to work on my resentment and pain from a break-up. It turned out we never discussed that relationship early on. Instead, we talked about me, and I did lots of homework – digging deep and deeper. I worked through a “vision board” of my life in two years. When there were stuck places, Renée has led me through visualizations in which I could experience the truth of my path. She advised me on health and wellness. She helped me work through my finances and held me warmly when my mother died. I have regained energy, a renewed sense of mission and contentment.”
–Recently Retired

“Renée’s background and mastery of many modalities, both therapeutic and holistic, enable her to help in a vast array of people and situations. She is honest, empathetic, and insightful in one-on-one meetings, and she is creative, polished, and professional as a group facilitator and presenter. I highly recommend taking full advantage of Renee’s many talents.”

Jean Nictakis

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