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Find your path to true wellness.

Find your path to true wellness.

Enneagram Coach

As an Enneagram coach, my passion is assisting others to find their unique path to comprehensive wellness using the Enneagram and alternative solutions to healthcare needs. I am on a mission to support my client’s journey while encouraging curiosity, raising self-awareness, and exploring possibilities.

Ultimately, the goal is empowerment, feeling valued and safe. When we have the support and encouragement of others, our resistance to change softens and we can more easily see the opportunity for transformation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram or receiving individual coaching, please contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you!

How Enneagram Coaching Can Help You

My enneagram coaching practice aims to support those who have a desire to explore their enneagram type, learn how their enneagram types communicate with them and others, use their enneagram type for personal growth and development, and find ways to enhance career balance. It isn’t enough to just have knowledge of our enneagram type. When we understand our types’ unique strengths and challenges along with the enneagram types of others, we can more successfully communicate with them and form a healthier relationship with them.

Enneagram coaching is for those who are intrigued by the enneagram but are not committed to exploring their enneagram type. It is also recommended for those who have already taken an enneagram test to explore ways of using the information, are looking for strategies for success, are open to changing behaviors that don’t serve them well, or want additional support in maintaining healthy relationships, or behavior.

Coaching is not appropriate for those who are not committed to change or looking for therapy.

Individuals, couples, and corporations/businesses benefit from an Enneagram coach because it facilitates healthy communication. The Enneagram coach helps clients understand their unique paths to success based on enneagram type, assists them in finding strategies that work, and teaches tools for increasing self-awareness so they can feel valued and safe.

For those who are open to change, coaching opportunities include: developing strategies for success with an enneagram type so you have a career/job that is the best fit without having to compromise your needs or others’ needs, finding ways to understand an enneagram type that isn’t getting the best out of you, learning how to resolve conflict with an enneagram type that isn’t getting the best out of you or others, using your compassion for yourself and others to take responsibility for your choices and create healthier relationships, deepening self-awareness so you can be successful in relationships without compromising yourself.

Partner With a Reliable Enneagram Coach With Over 40 Years Combined Counseling & Coaching Experience

With over 40 years of professional experience as a therapist and enneagram coach, I’ve learned to integrate a variety of modalities to support clients as they identify and realize their goals. As a lifelong learner, drawn to sustained wellness and self-improvement, I obtained additional certifications and licenses.

As an Enneagram coach, counselor, and trainer, my mission is to encourage curiosity and raise self-awareness with the goal of establishing your unique path to wellness. 

Like many, after seeking a truly holistic approach to understanding humans, I fell in love with the Enneagram at first sight. The Enneagram is the only path I’ve ever studied that provides a truly integrative understanding of our neurobiology—bodies, minds, and a connection to something greater than each of us individually. In addition, the Enneagram helps us identify our underlying core motivations. 

I believe that every human being has potential and the Enneagram helps us to discover our Pure Potential. In addition, as an Enneagram coach, I am able to use the Enneagram as a foundation for supporting my clients as they explore their unique pathway to wellness.

Working together using the Enneagram and other alternative solutions to healthcare needs, we can uncover your unique path to wellbeing toward self-actualization. I look forward to working with you!

Enneagram Coaching Solutions

Awareness, balance, connection in our personal and professional relationships, recovery from addictions, and a healthy lifestyle are the anchors to achieving and maintaining wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others. In addition, it provides knowledge of the core issues that drive our self-defeating behaviors, addictions, and compulsions. It’s also a compass when we get lost along the way.


As an Enneagram coach, I can help you learn more about yourself and others by better understanding the Enneagram. It is helpful to have an Enneagram coach who supports you, guides you, and assists you in moving forward towards your goal of finding health, happiness, and fulfillment in life.

I offer several different coaching modalities:

· In-person coaching sessions

· Online coaching sessions

· Webinars for live or on-demand viewing

· An online training program that help you get all the information you need to learn about your Enneagram Type and how it impacts your relationships, career, health, money, etc.

If this interests you, I encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can discuss what is happening in your life and how you would like to become the person you want to be. I can guide you in your growth, and experience more fulfillment.

By helping you gain knowledge and insight into the Enneagram, I can help you:

· Gain a better understanding of yourself and others

· Overcome self-defeating behaviors and limiting beliefs that hold you back

· Increase your sense of well-being and quality of life

· Reduce stress and increase your energy levels

· Resolve conflict more effectively

· Improve communication skills

· Change unhelpful relationship patterns

Renée Specializes In…

Coaching & Counseling Services

Coaching and Counseling


Mentor Coaching

Are you unsure how to deal with resistance and denial? Do you want to heal broken trust in your relationships? Are you a counselor with immense training experience, yet continually question your own skills? Are you frustrated with your own or your client's recovery success rate?

1 CEU is available to coaches and therapists through NAADAC.
You will receive a link to a Pass/Fail assessment that you can take after watching the video.

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Seeking a truly holistic approach to understanding humans, I fell in love with the Enneagram at first sight.

The Enneagram is the only path I’ve studied that provides a truly integrative understanding of our neurobiology – thoughts, emotions, reactions, including a connection to something greater than ourselves. In addition, understanding the unique underlying core motivations of individuals allows the growth of tolerance, respect and acceptance of others.

I believe that every human being has unlimited potential and the Enneagram helps us to discover our Pure Potential.



Enneagram Recovery


Enneagram Types


Have you ever wondered why you haven’t sustained changes you made during previous counseling or coaching engagements?

Are you curious about the Enneagram, its benefits, and how it can be is a game changer on your wellness path?

What can you expect when working with me? Watch this video to hear more!

AwarenessWe recognize our capacity to move attention inward and outward.

AcceptanceWe value taking personal responsibility with compassion.

Inner PeaceWe acknowledge the importance of coming home to ourselves and becoming receptive.

FreedomWe honor the humanness of every unique individual.

ConnectionWe find meaningful ways to relate to ourself and others.

EmpowermentWe believe that through utilizing the above values in action, the result is personal agency and increased confidence in our life choices.


“My exposure to the Enneagram was very limited until I met Renée Siegel a few years ago. She invited me to an Enneagram workshop, and I was hooked from day one. My journey since has been beautifully enhanced by Renée’s understanding and willingness to share the wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated in her Enneagram certification process as an Enneagram trainer. I have been privileged to participate in several of her wellness workshops and interacted with many of her loyal clients. As a result, I have greatly enhanced my personal and my professional life. Renée is a gifted therapist, teacher, and willing participant in helping all who cross her path seeking to better themselves. This has been evident as I observe her compassionate focus on bringing wellness to a world that is in dire need of her expertise.”

–Mona Goshen

The Narrative Enneagram TNE Certified Teacher Renee Siegel
International Eneagram Association IEA Accredited Professional

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