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My exposure to the Enneagram was very limited until I met Renee Siegel a few years ago. She invited me to a Enneagram workshop and I was hooked from day one. My journey since has been beautifully enhanced by Renee’s understanding and willingness to share the wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated in her Enneagram certification process as an Enneagram trainer. I have been privileged to participate in several of her wellness workshops and interacted with many of her loyal clients. As a result, I have greatly enhanced my personal and my professional life. Renee is a gifted therapist, teacher and willing participant in helping all who cross her path seeking to better themselves. This has been evident as I observe her compassionate focus on bringing wellness to a world that is in dire need of her expertise.

–Mona Goshen

The Narrative Enneagram TNE Certified Teacher Renee Siegel
International Eneagram Association IEA Accredited Professional

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