A passionate and gifted writer, Renée has written several articles throughout her career. Check out these articles offering knowledge on grounding techniques, self-awareness, self-care, and how intergrating wisdom of the enneagram in these areas benefits you.

Pandemic Meditation

This meditation practice helps you engage your belly, heart, and head centers to become more grounded.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Can’t fall asleep at night? Find yourself waking often, or waking without feeling rested? Try out my tips for aiding better sleep.

ABCs of Wellness: Awareness, Balance and Connection

Awareness, Balance and Connection is a formula or a recipe that one can use as a roadmap or guide to increase our wellness and healting; the ultimate goal is increased happiness. Read this article to learn more about Awareness, Balance and Connection, and how this can work for you.

9 Paths to Self-Compassion

In this article, I introduce self-compassion and how identifying our Enneagram type can help.

Building Blocks for Deeper Connections

This short list of statements helps one identify the traits of healthy relationships and deeper connections.

9 Paths to Recovery

Read about my personal experience integrating the Enneagram and the 12 Steps as a path to healing and wholeness.

Strategies for Healing Codependent Behavior

Do you struggle with codependency? This article offers questions to consider when healing. 

Speaking our Truth:

What would our world look like if women were raised to take the focus away from nurturing others and place their attention on their own needs and the inner landscape of their lives as women?

Forgiveness as a Spiritual Practice:

Dive into the topic of forgiveness – what it is, how it can bring freedom, and why it’s important to sustained recovery.

Making Good Choices about Healthcare:

What does it mean to be empowered when making choices about your healthcare? This article is written for baby boomers who could use guidance on partnering with health care professionals.

Ways to Improve Your Vagal Tone:

Exercises and tips to improve your vagal tone to calm your nervous system and help you relax.

We Are Pure Potential

Although we might know we are more or can do more than our current state, how do we make the changes? This is my encouragement to you to unlock your pure potential.

Practice for All Types

No matter what Enneagram type you are, this list of mindful practices is beneficial.


What is resilience and how does it help us during stress and trauma? Learn about resiliency skills and how these skills relate to the three Enneagram centers.

The Relationship with Self: One Woman’s Perspective

Oftentimes, women are raised to believe that being aware of what others need is more valuable than to be aware of one’s own needs. My article challenges this belief.

Guided Meditation for Making a Decision

Do you have a dilemma or are you having difficulty making a decision? Try my guided meditation for decision making, which helps you tap into your spirit guides for assistance.

Integrating the Three Centers of Intelligence

By integrating more than one center of intelligence you have allowed yourself a more expansive way of knowing. Read more and practice the exercise in this article to become more in tune with your head, heart and body centers. 

Codependency: A Misunderstood Problem:

The ongoing goal of recovery from codependency is to integrate the Self, experience personal empowerment and to learn to become interdependent with others. Read through this list of codependent behaviors to see if you self-identify with codependency.

Addictions & Attachments: Avoiding Pitfalls in Recovery:

Learn about the difference between addictions and attachments and why it is important to be aware of both on your recovery journey. 

Mindful Recovery:

This brief article explores how mindfulness and recovery can be integrated.

Three Centered Inquiry with the 3M Triad:

Understanding the triads helps expose patterns of emotion and decision-making, which can result in greater self-awareness and workplace collaboration.



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