Find out who you really are and grow into your best self.

You know your Enneagram type. Now it’s time to break free from the constraints of your personality and grow beyond what you thought was possible. Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby?” is a video series that will help you do just that, with fun, engaging, and informative lessons that are perfect for anyone looking to unlock their potential.

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Have you ever wondered what your personality type means for the way you live?

We all have Enneagram types. And for the most part, our Enneagram type dictates how we view the world and ourselves. This often leads to feeling stuck in certain ways of thinking and being. 

But what if there was a way to break free from the confines of your Enneagram type? 

To discover more of who you are meant to be? 

Do you feel like there are certain patterns that keep showing up in your life, and you don’t know how to break free?

What if there was a way to understand yourself better, and go beyond your personality tendencies?

Would you be interested in learning about how to change the patterns that have been holding you back?

When you open yourself up to new possibilities, you may be surprised at how much more fulfilled you can feel. 

The Enneagram is more than just a personality typology. It has the potential to help you understand yourself at a much deeper level and identify patterns that may be keeping you from living your best life. It can be a helpful tool in uncovering areas of your life that may be holding you back from true fulfillment.

Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby?” offers a video series that is fun, engaging, and informative. You’ll learn about the Enneagram and how to use it in your life so that you can move beyond your existing patterns and into a more fulfilling way of living.


Take the next step in understanding yourself and your patterns. It’s time to go Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby” and discover the possibilities for growth and transformation!


So why wait? Sign up today and start learning more about who you are so you can be more of who you want to be!​

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Go Beyond Your Enneagram Type

Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby?” lays a foundational understanding of the Enneagram using all three centers of intelligence:  body, heart and head.  There are six modules on our online learning platform that can stand alone or be used together.  

Enhance Your Relationships

  • Notice compatibility/challenges between types
  • Develop more meaningful connections
  • Navigate personal and professional connections with more ease
better relationships
personal empowerment

Empower Yourself

  • Integrate your full potential, rather than just a fraction of it
  • Encouragement to show up as a full human being
  • Increased compassion for self and others

Find Your Inner Truth

  • Truly integrated mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual model
  • Better understand the interplay between the personality and the soul
  • Find calming ways to come back home to yourself
find your inner truth

Renée is an excellent teacher. Not only does she know this material inside and out, she has a very ‘easy to understand’ way of unraveling the nine Enneagram types or personalities so that even a novice can grasp the differences.

As a professional certified coach and licensed addiction counselor, I find the Enneagram to be a powerful way for clients to feel ‘not so alone’ in their journey towards wholeness. More than once someone has said to me, “Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who felt like that.” I especially like the way Renée breaks out how, I as a certain Enneagram type, can work more effectively with my clients. This is really important, and much needed instruction, on using the Enneagram personally and professionally! Great stuff Renée!”

Rebecca Smith, MED, PCC, SAP, SUDP, ERYT


Will this program solve my problems?

Using the practices you will learn from using this teaching has the potential to radically transform your experience of yourself and others in your life.  You are the one who is empowered to address your dilemmas using the amazing insights you will learn.

What makes your Enneagram program different?

There are many good Enneagram teachers and programs out there. Our introductory program lays a solid foundation for learning the Enneagram at deeper levels.  We want you to understand that learning about type is a doorway to a powerful path and to practices that open up your full potential as a human being. It is not just a menu of character traits.

Our online program is affordable and can be revisited whenever you want in the convenience of your home.  

Will it enhance my quality of life?

It holds the potential to truly enhance the quality of your life through developing self compassion, self awareness, and supporting your ability to move out of knee jerk reactivity and self-destructive patterns. This teaching can help you engage in more meaningful relationships and better connecting to those you love.

What can this program do for me?

The insights the Enneagram offers are both potent and powerful by themselves. Using the practices suggested in this series, you WILL be able to access an increased capacity and transformational magic.

Learning the Enneagram can provide you with outstanding self-awareness, increased empathy for others, and more ability to act in wise ways rather than automatic ones.

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