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trauma book - Reclaiming You: Using the Enneagram to Move from Trauma to Resilience

Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to use the Enneagram to move from trauma to resilience? Look no further than “Reclaiming You” by Renée Siegel and Sharon Kay Ball. This book offers a solid foundation laid between your Enneagram type and the resilience within you. Through stories of real people from all nine Enneagram types, Sharon and Renée provide insights on how each of the nine types might handle particular types of trauma. You’ll also learn about the difference between stress and trauma, and distinguish big-T Trauma from little-t trauma. Plus, you’ll get access to practices you can try on your own or with others, whether in a personal or professional context.

“Considering the Enneagram” answers 35 questions submitted by counselors, coaches, and spiritual directors. Each use the Enneagram for their own personal development and to help others. The questions submitted are those these practitioners wish they would have known to better prepare for learning the Enneagram. Each question is answered, and references are given at the end of the book for continued Enneagram exploration. The following are examples of the questions – “Why would I want to study the Enneagram?”, “How much time will it take me to really understand the Enneagram” and “Do we only have one type?” 

“Lost and Found” is a handbook for the family members of problem gamblers. With both a profound understanding and compassion for all involved, practical considerations are offered to deal with the impact of problem gambling on the lives of their loved ones. 

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