Unlock the resilience that hides behind your trauma…

We have all experienced some level of trauma, especially over the last few years!

With their combined 50+ years of experience, Renée Siegel and Sharon Ball have come together to compile stories of each Enneagram type’s interaction with and response to stress, grief, and trauma. Then they have included practical insights and tools as to how YOU can approach trauma recovery based on your unique Enneagram type.

Yes, each experience with trauma is unique. Abuse, neglect, natural-disaster, family tragedy, complex grief – these experiences touch our lives and change us. Each person bears their wounds and scars in their own way. But, we can get back to ourselves.

If you’re looking for a book about getting back to yourself after facing trauma, you’ve found it! Reclaiming You: Using the Enneagram to Move from Trauma to Resilience will show you that you are not alone in this experience, that there is an innate resilience woven into the very fiber of your being, and that there are daily practices along the way to recover the pieces that feel broken or misplaced.

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Is your trauma running your life?

You don’t have to be defined by your trauma.

This book, often with the help of healthy community, counseling, and other practices can help you find that resilience is just as sustainable, just as persistent, just as life-impacting as the trauma had been.

You can reclaim YOU.

Reclaiming You: Using the Enneagram to Move from Trauma to Resilience is here to help. Sharon & Renée have written a book that will help you understand trauma and the Enneagram better. This book will provide you with skills that are easy to apply and resources that are easy to understand. It will also increase your level of compassion toward yourself and those around you.

Reclaiming You: Using the Enneagram to Move from Trauma to Resilience offers a helpful understanding of the Enneagram – a powerful personality tool – and how our unique personalities experience trauma. In a way that may differ from those around us – even those facing the same experience! The Enneagram can help you understand yourself and your loved ones better and the book offers healing practices for each type. With this understanding, you can start on the path to reclaiming your life.

With real-life stories of all nine Enneagram types, this book will help you see that you are not alone in your journey. It gives readers insight into how each of the nine Enneagram types moves through trauma to recover their inner resilience. Despite the difficulties and pain portrayed in these stories, they’re fascinating & inspiring because it demonstrates that we can grow stronger as our experiences heal us, and there is great strength and resililience found within our Enneagram type! You are not defined by your trauma, but by the courage and strength you show in Reclaiming YOU!

Taking an Enneagram-centered approach to recovery recognizes that your personality type could make you more vulnerable and also more resilient to various types of trauma. 

Looking at trauma through the lens of the Enneagram offers you a roadmap to resilience. 

How you can be trauma informed and enneagram centered


Know the difference between stress and trauma


Distinguish big-T Trauma from little-t trauma


Use the Enneagram to heal from trauma


Understand your unique experience with trauma


Improve your level of compassion for yourself and others who have been through trauma


Create a new story for your life

Chapter 1

Trauma: A Universal Reality

Frozen, Kim stood by her office window as winds of 140 miles per hour ripped apart the world outside. The freak storm, called a derecho, had come out of nowhere.9

The National Weather Bureau had issued no warnings. Tornado sirens remained silent. But for close to an hour, the wind rumbled like a freight train passing overhead.

Homes were ripped apart by the winds and ravaged by trees and debris. Corn silos, like gigantic toothpicks, were snapped in half as were miles upon miles of power lines, leaving close to 100 percent of the county without power for weeks. And for weeks, no national news outlets covered the storm.

There were bigger issues to focus on, like the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that had ignited Black Lives Matter protests not only around the United States but even around the world.

And around the world, political differences were tearing families apart.

Meanwhile, shortly before the derecho, locusts were eating their way through East Africa. The people of Beirut were reeling after massive chemical explosions left hundreds dead and thousands injured. Not to mention that the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed five million cases in the United States at that time, and the global death rate was closing in on a million deaths.

The pandemic was the biggest news item globally. It had been for five months by then, and it would continue to be for—well, time will tell how much longer. Because of the pandemic, the world was facing collective trauma worse than any time in recent history.

Like Kim staring at the world being ripped apart outside her office window, unable to do a single thing to stop the storm, we have all been impacted by the events of 2020 and beyond. We have all experienced trauma.
There is something we can do to heal from these events, though. Which is what this book is about.

Picking up a book on trauma can be a brave step to take. It may mean you are ready to deal with issues you may have tried to ignore for a while—maybe even your entire life. Or it could mean that you are desperate to gain some skills so you can help someone close to you.

No matter your motivation for reading this book, we applaud you.

It is time for us all to work collaboratively to better address trauma. If you are doing the work of resolving the impact trauma has had on you, your soul will thank you. So will your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. And no doubt, so will those with whom you share space at home, at work, or around the Thanksgiving table.

We would know. We are psychotherapists specializing in trauma recovery, and we have also personally walked the road from trauma to resilience.

Despite not knowing you and your life circumstances, we have seen enough in our more than sixty years of combined professional and personal experience in this field to know that if you do the work we describe in this book, you will experience breakthroughs.

You may even offer hope to someone else who is stuck in the grip of trauma, showing the world that trauma does not need to control your life.



This book is for you if you’re ready to begin or help others heal from trauma and start over, whether in a personal or professional context. Get started on your journey today.

Healing trauma is a process, but it is possible to move from trauma to resilience. This book will show you how. Grab your copy today!

In its core, the Enneagram provides a path to living in presence, developing our capacity to truly show up in our lives and relationships. Yet, in my many years of teaching, I have seen how often unresolved trauma can thwart the sincere efforts of students to inhabit their lives more fully. In Reclaiming You, Sharon Ball and Renée Siegel have written an engaging and clear map of both the different forms of trauma and the ways in which the nine Enneagram points can express trauma. More importantly, they offer pathways of healing for the nine types, with lucid explanations and rich and inspiring real-life examples. This is a very important contribution to the Enneagram field as well as to the field of trauma work. Everyone is sure to find some healing in these pages.

Ross Hudson

Author of The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence Coauthor of The Wisdom of the Enneagram

This brilliant book breaks new ground. It’s easy to read, it’s practical, and it brings new insights into one of the most important issues of our time—healing trauma. The authors provide insight into how each Enneagram type demonstrates both vulnerability and resilience with different forms of trauma, including family violence, addiction, sexual abuse, racism, disasters, and others. They also describe an approach to recovery using personal stories, specific practices, and examples of intervention based on the Three MsTM of Resilience: movement, meaningful connections, and mindfulness. This book will be hugely valuable to Enneagram practitioners and students, trauma therapists and clients, and anyone who wants to understand the impact of trauma and how we can heal it.

Peter O’Hanrahan

Enneagram Teacher Since 1981 Faculty Member of the Narrative Enneagram School

Sharon Kay Ball and Renee Siegel have written a book that is both prudent and generous for those of us who intuitively know that the experience of trauma is inextricably connected to the wisdom of the Enneagram. If trauma has touched your life in any way, whether personal or professional, I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, recommend that you read this book. Discover Your Resilience is a compilation of knowledge you can trust.

Suzanne Stabile

Author of The Journey Toward Wholeness

Host of The Enneagram Journey podcast

About the author

Enneagram Coach, Therapist & Drug and Alcohol Counselor Renée Siegel

Renée Siegel, MA, LISAC, MAC, HHP, CPIC, ACC, has been a counselor and wellness practitioner for over 40 years. Initially educated as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she quickly recognized her passion for integrating body, mind, and spiritual practices in the journey toward wholeness. She is also an Internationally Certified Coach.

Renée was introduced to the Enneagram by a colleague about 20 years ago. “It was a game-changer! The Enneagram became the central hub of my practice because using the Enneagram organically helps clients become better acquainted with themselves, identifying their patterns of thought, emotion, reactions, and the gifts and essence of their type. If someone uses Enneagram specific practices consistently and joins an Enneagram community for support, transformation is inevitable.”

Renée is committed to seeing the Enneagram used for its potential.

The Enneagram is more than a personality system. Renée wrote “Considering the Enneagram” to encourage those interested in the Enneagram to use it wisely, ethically, and for more than finding out about themselves or those they know. “We can all benefit from taking personal responsibility for how we are first with ourselves.”

Her recent book, “Reclaiming You,” is a book which explores how trauma impacts us and describes how using the Enneagram can help us discover the resilience each of us innately possesses.

She has also completed a video series called “Beyond What’s Your Type Baby,” which introduces the Enneagram and practices to deepen your understanding of each of the Enneagram types.

If you’d like to learn more about individual, couples, family coaching or counseling, business coaching, training, or more about business and Enneagram products, contact today!

Renée Siegel

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