Have you found yourself:

  • Struggling with failed intimate relationships?relationship
  • Avoiding conflict in relationships?
  • Finding it difficult to appreciate your partner’s world view or perspective?
  • Constantly feeling misunderstood?
  • Losing yourself in intimate relationships?
  • Being told you are emotionally unavailable?
  • Finding it hard for you to show your tenderness?
  • Struggling with trusting others?
  • Finding it difficult for you to express yourself authentically?

Benefits gained with coaching or counseling in relationships:

  • Recognize your repeating patterns in relationships
  • Move through conflict with grace and respect
  • Develop appreciation for another’s view and perspective
  • Learn to recognize your personal needs and ask for what you want
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence
  • Understand the value of vulnerability
  • Learn how to cultivate self-awareness and practices of self-observation
  • Speak about yourself with authenticity