Wellness Coaching

Have you found yourself…

  • Being confused about what a wellness plan means.Wellness
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the idea.
  • Not knowing where to begin.
  • Noticing that certain foods don’t agree with you.
  • Resenting being told what to do.
  • Finding it difficult to create balance in your life.
  • Following through with your plan.
  • Resisting exercise and physical movement.
  • Trying one plan after another wondering when you will find the right fit.
  • Giving up.

Benefits gained with Wellness coaching or counseling:

  • Listening to your body.
  • Choosing the areas of wellness you want to work on.
  • Developing a wellness plan that is unique and reasonable.
  • Incorporate the ABC’s as a foundation – Awareness, Balance and Connection.
  • Learning how the body, heart, mind and spirit connection work in your life.
  • Understanding the components included in your plan.
  • Starting from a place that you choose and works for you.
  • Understanding and be prepared for obstacles.
  • Identifying resources for continued support.
  • Learning about the body-mind and mind-mood connection.