The Enneagram as a Recovery Tool 

The map of the Enneagram is a diagram of the nine distinct personalities. The study of these nine distinct personalities is very old with ancient roots in many spiritual traditions.

Recently, the study of the Enneagram has grown in usefulness in health, wellness, and business as well as a route to greater spiritual understanding. Because of its usefulness in all of these areas, it is a great tool for those in recovery seeking to understand and make changes in their lives.

There are nine personality types on the map of the Enneagram and each of us has one of these distinct types. We have developed this type to manage our life circumstances including our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The Enneagram is growing in popularity as a useful recovery tool. By understanding our own type and how we think, feel, and behave, we grow self-awareness of these patterns. These patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving have been adopted to assist each of us in managing our lives.

Each pattern has both assets and opportunities for growth. By working on ourselves, we grow to understand that our personality is not bad or good. As we grow self-awareness, we can step back and evaluate how these patterns both serve us and hinder us.

After using the Enneagram with hundreds of persons impacted by addictions, it is clear to me that it is:

  • Holistic
  • Shame-Reducing
  • Compatible With the 12 Steps
  • Increases Self-Awareness and Tolerance
  • Helps People Move Through Conflict
  • Applies to all Stages of Recovery

Because the Enneagram can be useful in all stages of recovery and it works well both with the 12 steps and can stand alone, all those impacted by addictions can find some utility in using the Enneagram.

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Enneagram Recovery Tool